Business Mastery

Building a successful business is challenging.

You take out loans, mortgage your property, and invest tens of thousands of dollars to build your business hoping that it will gives you the income, freedom, and lifestyle you dreamed of.  

You go through constant stress trying to keep up with cashflow, sales, training your staff, bringingin more customers; not to mention keeping up with your competitors and what they are doing, as well as keeping up with the latest business and marketing strategies, while monitoring employee’s productivity. 

Sometimes, you feel like you are the only one going through these challenges and not a lot of family or friends can understand your struggle. It can be lonely and its okay to feel like a lone wolf sometimes…or most of the time. 

It is not easy. 

And before you know it, 3-5-10 years of your life slip through your fingers. 

One year turned to three years, three years turned into five years and if you dont take plenty of time to pause, review, and reflect on where you are now and what needs to be resolved asap, then you end up dealing with the same issues over and over again – constantly firefighting the same issues year in year out. 

No matter how much revenue and sales you achieve, somehow somewhere your money mysteriously vanishes, and you are still plateauing 

The problem is that most business owners DO NOT make it pass this point and even go downhill from there. 

And research shows that most SME business owners fail within the first 3 to 5 years. 


Because they don’t have an Instruction Guideor an Owner’s handbook, or…a strategic Business & Marketing MasterPlan on How to Build, Grow, and Succeed in Business. 

Imagine driving to your destination without a Map or GPS, it will be like a Maze trying it to figure out your way out depending solely on blind faith that you can pull it through, and very soon, ended up burning fuel, resources, time, and stamina. 

Imagine running your business without a clear Map or GPS? Same outcome. You end up with lots of actions but unsatisfactory results.  

It’s like a rocking chair. Plenty of movements.
But Not Going Anywhere…

In the end, you run out of stamina, cash, time, and resources.  

But it does not have to be this way.

And it does not have to be your business. You can change.   

There are solutions, there are ways to achieve business mastery.  

And with the right roadmap, the right tools and strategies, you can take the expressway to growth 

We introduce you to the…  

Business Mastery RoadMap

With this Business Mastery RoadMap, you can: 

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your entire business journey so you know which area to work on 
  • Achieve clarity so you can remove all the unnecessary nonvalue activities 
  • Identify and spend more time on higher value activities  
  • Reduces your low value activities so you can optimize your business better 
  • Ascertain which activities are higher income and lower income 
  • Get an idea where you are right now, and where you want to go  
  • Create strategic Masterplans much easier  
  • Discover and decide which actions to take. 
  • Anticipate and mitigate risk and take advantage of profit areas  
  • Examine which aspects of your business need focus and improvement  
  • Save time, and more you get the picture  

Now, imagine combining this RoadMap with a customized set of TOOLS, STRATEGIES, and the RIGHT ADVICE in each step, it will help you get results faster, whether you want:

  • More money to service your lifestyle, to enjoy the finer things in life, and to pursue your life wish list.  
  • More growth and more business opportunities in Life 
  • More autonomy and freedom to do whatever with your Time.  
  • More resources and LESS stress 

In a nutshell, it will give you the overall ability to spend more time on Higher Income Activities and Higher Value Activities.

Understanding the
3 STAGES of Business Mastery

Before we look into the 3 Stages of Business Mastery, it’s important to examine the End goal because every business should begin with this “End” in mind.

As Stephen Covey puts it perfectly, “begin each project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen”.

And having an “End in mind” is how our business strategist, Victor Kon, was able to achieve 6-9x ROI in his business ventures.  

Before negotiating and acquiring a business, his “End goal” in mind was to acquire, build, and sell within a 2 to 5 years’ timeframe, just build and sell, and repeat the process.

Simply put, here are the 3 stages:

Every stage and step in the Business Mastery RoadMap requires a different set of strategies, methodologies, and implementation plan.

Like a child’s development, they have got the primary years, then they have the adolescent years, and then there is the “young adult” phase. And every stage of growth requires a different set of skills, techniques, cultivation, and training (discipline) that you need to apply and practice so you can hone them to become their greatest self.  

Running a business is no different: every stage needs a different set of skills, techniques, and strategies to apply and execute to achieve your most desirable results.

Let us take a look at each stage.


The Build Stage

This is the foundational phase and the 6 pillars of business success lie in here:

Marketing plan, Strategic Planning, Life and Business Higher goals, Vision and mission.

This is the Architectural Phase, where business owners must plan, build, and design their business strategies and goals to ensure that the 6 Foundational Pillars are mapped out, solid, and robust. It requires you to study, research, investigate, and invest a lot of hours on strategizing and developing your business & marketing plan. This phase is often the most time-consuming but also the most rewarding.

This can also be most frustrating and arduous stage since most business owners just want to jump into business and run it based on their gut feel. But more often than not, these businesses fail, become stale, or run around in circles eventually. Why? Because they don’t have a written plan with specific, quantifiable, and measurable goals to show them where they are in the business. They don’t have concrete milestones in mind. There’s no accountability!

Benjamin Franklin once said “Failing to Plan is Planning to fail”

After this stage, you will have a developed strategic plan for your business, set and measurable goals that would define your business success!


The GROW Stage

This is the Systemization and Automation Stage that increases productivity and create more sales for less effort.

Stage two is all about growth. It’s about scaling up the revenue, toning up the business, and optimizing your business to reduce waste and increase productivity even when you’re not looking after your business 24/7.

The success at this stage requires you to possess the Right Mindset, Strategies, and Tools to systemize and automate your business so it can continue to operate without heavily relying on you, the business owner.

This stage requires a combination and a synergy of collective expertise, skills, competencies, and talents in order to work.

The keyword here is collective effort and synergy.

With the Right People, you can achieve greater goals.



You know you are at this level when you have more FREE time, and more autonomy in your life: you are working less hours, you have lesser stress, and you have time to WORK-ON the business, that is, time to conduct market research, competitor’s analysis, products and service innovation and enhancements, improve customer experiences, etc. Overall, the business relies LESS on you.

And depending on your ambition, you may franchise or license your operation, or cosmetically touch up your business and sell, and then buy another business and repeat the process all over again. Or you may hold on to it and enjoy the nice cashflow/ ROI.  

In this stage, you can start slowing down and take some time to think about your next steps. You can also go deep and ask yourself your life’s purpose, plan for the future, and envision yourself and your business in the next 5-10-15 years.

Where do you go from here?

How to productise and optimize your business even further and take it to the NEXT level?

How to work even less and enjoy more profit?

How much should you sell your business to enjoy a comfortable retirement? How do you find the idea of retirement?

There are plenty of digging and internalization to do here, and every question requires a Deep-Dive session into your business and life’s overall mission and purposes.

This is the stage where you need expert knowledge, customized strategy, and guidance from a trusted and experienced Business Advisor. There is no one-size-fit-all solution.

Your Business Ignite GPS

Achieving business success is a combination of using the Right Strategies, Tools, and Technologies.

Each stage of your Business Mastery Roadmap requires a different set of tools, technologies, and techniques.

At Business Ignite, we have a proven system to strategize your business and help you achieve your Business (and Life) Goals like a GPS, and we also have the practical experiences to mentor, coach, guide, and supports you along your journey.

We deliver the latest business and marketing strategies, and implementation plans to business owners to help them achieve their goals at their own pace. Whether it’s starting a business, growing an existing business, or Optimizing your business, we have the strategies, the execution plans, and the tools to make that happen.

And if you just want to productize or systemize your business model, Business Ignite has the right tools and strategies that you can implement so you can create more time and be able to focus more on higher income tasks and higher value activities both in life and in business.

Our framework, tools, and strategies are proven models and have been used by more than 50+ experienced business advisors in the Institute, locally and internationally, especially in UK, US, and Asia Pacific.

However, the real asset that you are going to gain is the Business Strategist himself.

As a serial entrepreneur and Business Strategist, Business Ignite’s Victor Kon has been building, growing, running, and selling businesses for the past 12+ years and achieving 6-9X ROI. He is also a member of an International Network comprises the Institute of Business Advisors and is a professional member of the Australian Marketing Institute.

Through hundreds of hours of business and marketing training delivered by top global business leaders such as Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Jay Abraham and other modern marketing leaders such as Ryan Deiss and various Digital Marketing experts, and with the MAUS Business system programs, Victor Kon has the experience, knowledge, tools, and strategies to help you build, grow, and succeed in your business. He has condensed all his experiences and knowledge into 3 powerful programs. 

We hope that by looking at the Business Success Roadmap, you gained a clearer idea of where you are now and where you want to go in your business journey.

There are really two choices:

  • Do-it-yourself and spend your tightly held hours on various kinds of training that costs you both time and thousands of dollars trying to fit the puzzle and fill in the experience gap



  • Fast track your growth and shorten the gap through our Business Ignite programmes that condenses it all for you. Most importantly, our programs will push you to execute, implement, and apply your new strategies. There are no results without ACTION.

Victor Kon once said, “Knowledge manifests growth, but guided action manifests wealth!”

Victor Kon of Business Ignite is not a business theorist, nor a business preacher, he only shares practices he has already tested himself and proven strategies that yield desired results.

If you would like a Free copy of the Business Plan, and other Free Tools, Assessments, that we offer, we have free resources available for you.

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