As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are a special breed with a more heightened form of energy than the average Joe, possessing the potentiality to change the world and make a dent in the universe.  

With that attribute, you will most likely attract hungry emo-vampires who are more than eager to milk your energy, thus preventing you from moving forward like a car that is out of fuel.  

When you run a busy business, it is extremely important to keep yourself energized, positive, and in optimal health.  

Emotional vampires are difficult to spot, but luckily, they leave traces… 

If you fail to recognize an emo-vampire, it can have serious and irreversible effects on your well-being. It will unawarely take a toll on your body and, more importantly, your mental health, psychologically affecting your inner peace. 

So, you can spot them if: 

  1. You felt drained, angered, or frustrated after talking to a particular person and you can’t stop thinking about what they’ve said. 

  1. Their aura, emotional presence, or unhappiness permeates into your heart, making it feel heavy after the encounter. 

In these cases, most often, that person could be an emotional vampire. 

Now, a short-term, cross-path type of situation is fine once in a while — you suck their energy and they suck yours like two mosquitos. However, a long-term situation is unhealthy, which means you need to resolve it before that pattern disrupts your business and life.  


  1. Excess stress from emotional vampires can lead to anxiety and depression over time. It can even push you toward a more negative mindset about virtually anything. It can make you cynical, negatively thinking about and interpreting events around you.  

  1. Health is wealth” as the saying goes. If you feel drained, it will affect your health in the long term. If anyone in your social, intimate, or business life threatens your health or inner peace, you have to let them go.   

  1. As for workplace, emotional vampires at work affect not only individual employees but your entire operation and business culture if not addressed early on. It creates a toxic environment that hampers business success and causes unwanted anxiety among your staff. Both you and your employees can feel down, unmotivated, and not the best version of yourselves.  

While it’s usually people that are labelled as emo-vampires, your business can also be considered an emotional vampire. For instance, your business can suck your emotional energy by keeping you running on the treadmill, requiring every drop of your energy. The business occupies your thoughts 24/7 and gives you sleepless nights thinking about the rent, the outgoings, the staff, the profit, the taxes, etc. Gradually, the business that you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain for years makes you too uncomfortable to go to the office.  

Here’s how you can repel the emo-vampires. 


Every morning, start the day with a gratitude moment.  

Give thanks to your parents, give thanks to your past, give thanks to the universe and the divine, holy, and celestial beings for the spiritual guidance that helped you evolve into the person you are today.  

Be grateful for your safety and protection – it could be a lot worse.   

Be grateful that you still possess the five senses.  

Be grateful for the ability to think, solve problems, analyze, and make positive changes in your nation, if not the world. 

Be grateful that you don’t have to hunt for food or be eaten alive, like in Animal Kingdom, if left unguarded. 

Be grateful that you have the option to sleep in peace protected by walls and roof.  

Be grateful that you can breathe, watch the sun rise and set. 

Be grateful that you can still eat, laugh, and drink.  

Be grateful that you can take a stroll or a jog to your nearby beautiful botanical garden paid for by taxpayers. 

Be grateful! 


Turning hindrances and challenges into opportunities and finding the gold in it will ignite your entre-spirit when you are feeling down.  

As business owners, unfavorable incidents and events always come up unexpectedly. Whether it’s your website being hacked and having to start again, resourceful staff leaving, loss of important documents, or simply losing a client or contract, it’s the sense of loss that really stresses you out in business.  

Try turning it around and think instead… 

  • What were the lessons here? What is the universe trying to teach me?  

  • Could this experience help me evolve to become a smarter, more insightful, or experienced person?  
  • What can I learn from this? 

Then write it down.  

You might have heard about turning adversity into opportunities, but are you practicing it? If yes, why are you stressed? We all need to be reminded every so often. Write it down. Go on. Write it down. 

Counsel yourself by visualizing yourself giving advice and coaching to your younger self sitting in front of you. What would you say based on what they have lost? How would you counsel that person if you were in their position?  

Then walk the talk. 


Keep yourself energized and in optimal health. 

You can’t do any of this if there is negativity within your own network. Your mind must be in tip-top shape. 

Look at the big names in business: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. They are (and were) extremely focused on working toward their goals. They have (and had) no time for drama or emotional vampires. 


If you have heard of Ta-Chi, then you are aware of their non-competitive, deep breathing, and gentle flow of posture. 

The people around you sometimes want someone like you to be responsible for their happiness, welfare, and be accountable for their mistakes.  

Well, even a White knight in shining armor have limitation.  

Remember this: you are not responsible for their happiness. 

Say it with me.  “I am not responsible for their happiness.” 

You are not responsible for that person’s psychology, attitudes, or mindsets.  

Don’t try to figure out why they think, behave, or respond in a certain way – you can’t help it, it’s who they are.  

And who they are is the result of their past life experiences, upbringing, and attitudes of the world. It is beyond your control and it’s not your job to change it. 

As a business owner, it is important that you stay away from anything that sucks your energy, especially these kinds. 

Emo-vampires feed on other people’s energy by creating and manufacturing drama when everything is running well.  

Just stay away from them, better, just walk away! 

Remember that you’re not responsible for their actions in life. You can’t save their problems and if they need help, point them to a counsellor, its only cost $280/ hour. Let the Counsellor deal with it. 

You may be clever and competent, but you don’t have to save everyone.  

As a business owner, you may feel passionate in helping your staff, employees, or people that are important to you. But if any of them demonstrate traits of an emotional vampire, remember that it is not your responsibility to save them. We cannot help everyone who comes our way, there is no way, unless you have abundance resources.  

But, instead, we should exert effort, time, and energy on people who are willing to help themselves. 

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Victor Kon

Victor Kon is a serial entrepreneur, trusted business advisor, and catalyst to success. He helps entrepreneurs optimize, automate, and grow businesses that can run without heavily relying on sweat equity. With over a decade of experience running successful businesses in a multitude of sectors, Mr. Kon now utilizes the expertise he garnered in those endeavors to help others achieve the same success in their own ventures. Read More

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