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By Business Ignite Team

More than 60% of small businesses stopped their operations within the first 3 years. Its no coincidence and has nothing to do with the lack of information. 

Have you ever wondered what drives success? Did Googles wealth of information do nothing but overwhelm you? How do you choose which article or blog to trust in the abundance of credible and non-credible sources of information? Did you find the answer…? 

You may have become a little more knowledgeable. Still, the truth is complex answers are often not found on blogs or articles, and even if you do, the credibility is often questionable. Even then, they can only provide a general frame of reference and cannot specify strategic steps that need to be taken to achieve your business goals. The why and what might be present but the how is rarely present. Also, it is insufficient for your specific needs and business situation. 

To avoid burnout, here are two things you can do right away: 

  1. Develop, Revise, and Reignite Why You Started Your Business?

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Why did you start?  
  • Why do you want to keep going? 
  • Why run this business in the first place? 

Ask yourself the why at different phases. You will be surprised by the impact on your business and your life, too! 

As the business owner, you will clearly understand why or what you want to achieve. This is what we call self-inquiry. 

Self-coaching and inquiry will help focus resources on activities that give your business value. It is also easier to identify steps essential to achieving your targets and potential clients to engage and conclude. 

Sharing the why with your employees and staff will help them unify their efforts towards a common goal. They may perform different roles across functions, but having a clear direction lets individual members progress towards the same goal. This also gives them purpose as individual contributors to the overall success of the business. 


Besides the usual money, autonomy, freedom, and potential lifestyle – what other purpose/meanings does your business provide? 

Without some intrinsic PURPOSE, it’s tough to stay motivated. Your conscious mind will take over and start by questioning the worth of your time, efforts, and business – is it worth it? 

Ideally, your business or purpose and meaning somehow have to put a dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs put it. 

Without a genuine connection to the universe, it can be easy to get distracted by almost anything. Not understanding why you are doing what you’re doing can easily lead you astray.  

Sometimes, you may even know what you want to achieve. But when faced with obstacles, it can be challenging to push forward and persevere. Run your business with a PURPOSE. Otherwise, your business will exist only to make ends meet.  

Understanding WHY you do things can always give you the “fuel” or push to move forward, regardless of the obstacles.  


We have plenty of free tools to show you how to build your business properly.  

There is a lot of work.  

And although you just want more sales, more clients, more business, more money, the challenge is that if you do not fix your internal mess (business systemization and automation), no matter how much you make, you only end up accumulating a huge payroll, plus little productivity.  

And by the time you pay 10% GST or VAT, and 25-30% company tax. There is very little to go around.  

Check out our free resources [CTA] to see if any of the tools resonate with you. 

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Writing down your why’s is like setting goals. It gives you more perspective on what to do. When writing them down, you create a tangible version of your idea. From your mind, you let abstract ideas take a tangible form that can be seen and actualized. 

Next, plan to commit to sticking to your why. Use this to guide your planning and strategies.   


Nothing beats a good reminder than slapping the words themselves on your wall or website. Basically, anywhere that has 100% visibility. It serves as a reminder for you and your employees and reminds your clients that you are working beyond yourself. There is a purpose, and that your aim is to serve. It gives power to your business and its message.  

The WHY is the most critical question we ask ourselves every day when going about our business. More than what, the where, and the how.  

Therefore, you must not lose sight of your WHY. This can be your only “secret” or “million-dollar habit.” This is your own quote or vision for success.  

If the ‘why’ is clear, but you don’t know where to next or the next level, check out our programs  


We are help to help.  

You can also learn more about creating your business plan and why it is essential from our website.


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