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The Business Ignite’s InnerCircle Mastermind program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their business to the Next Level. It is a 6 month of weekly training on business strategy, leadership, and digital marketing. Delivered by serial entrepreneur & digital marketer Victor Kon, this program is designed to help you optimize, market, and grow your business in this competitive digital era. 

The program consists of blended learning methods of strategic content, mini-workshops, and mastermind group activities designed to help you implement your high-level business goals and digital marketing strategies into your business.

What You Get

In this Program, you will get training and access to the following services:

  • Strategy & Leadership: This training is all about cultivating high-level strategies to build your business on a high-performance platform for growth. As well, we will focus on developing entrepreneurial leadership skills so you could operate at your peak level most of the time.
  • Business optimization: In these sessions, you will develop various optimization & systemization strategies to boost your business efficiency, create a productive company, and improve your net profit margin! You’ll enhance your learning with award winning software and tools to build and systemize your business.
  • Digital Marketing: Marketing is changing, and you need the latest online marketing skills to execute and orchestrate your marketing plan. You will develop marketing skills to build your own Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, create & optimize content, apply SEO insights, build a lead generation system, and much more.
  • Q&A will be taken with real-time opportunities and solutions that teach you how to engage, market, and convert.
  • Mastermind Sessions: This is where we will have all Members come together to help one another solve their business and marketing problems on a quarterly basis. This is an opportunity to get constructive feedback about your business challenges & marketing materials from other Members, you will have opportunity in the “hot seat” on a rolling basis to showcase your business and have the group give critique and offer strategies to grow your business.
  • Competitive Intelligence: To quantum leap your online marketing success, you need research your competitors SEO strategies so you could emulate their successes and avoid their mistakes. We will lift the curtain for you with competitive intelligence reports derived from popular marketing & SEO software so you could develop insights and tweak your moves to get a competitive edge on your competitors’ traffic and Paid Ads strategies.
  • And so much more. If you would like to check out the full Programme, inclusions, and its deliverables, please download a copy now, or book a free discovery call. 

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If the VALUE you get in the Program is Not at least 7X of your investment, you can cancel the membership within 30 days.

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