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Business Ignite InnerCircle Mastermind

The Business Ignite Program: InnerCircle Mastermind is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to develop essential business and marketing skills to take their business to the Next Level. Developed by business practitioners for Business owners. 

This is a monthly program consists of blended learning methods of strategic content, mini-workshops, mastermind group activities, and basic marketing to give you the actionable strategies to optimize, market, and grow your business in this competitive digital era.

What You Get In The Program

Every month you get access to strategies, business intelligence tools, and marketing-related resources to grow your business, as follows: -

Business Growth strategies. Each session will help you develop various growth strategies to boost your business and leadership efficiency to create a productive company and optimize your net profit margin! You’ll enhance your learning with award-winning software and tools to build and systemize your business.

Business mastery
Business Ignite marketing training

Marketing Strategies: Marketing is changing, and you need the latest marketing strategies to execute and orchestrate your marketing plan. You will develop marketing skills to build your Pay Per Click campaigns, marketing automation, lead magnets, create & optimize content for distribution to generate leads, apply SEO insights (demographics, target market, interests groups) to build a lead generation system for your business, and much more. 

ReWired Leadership: To sustain a solid business, you need to have a balanced life. This session will focus on unplugging the internal and external hindrances that block you from attaining success. Ultimately, to become a better version of yourself in every facet of your life: a motivated mindset, healthy body, respectful relationship, and a comfortable net worth. 

Business Growth

Peer-to-Peer Coaching Slack is not an option, and you will be held accountable by your team. This is your monthly KPI peer coaching session where you and your peers will do the work to get your business where it needs to be. It is your time to present, get feedback, and implement what you have promised to complete as you grow your business. Record your progress on your KPI dashboard to keep track of success, reasonings, and lessons learnt. 

Mastermind Sessions: This is where we have all Members get together to help one another solve their business and marketing problems every quarter. It is your opportunity to get constructive feedback about your business challenges & marketing materials from other Members. You will have the chance in the “hot seat” on a rolling basis to showcase your business and have the group critique and offer strategies to grow your business.


Access to Competitive Intelligence resources: As digital marketers, we use various SEO & marketing software to help our clients grow their businesses. We will help you lift the curtain of your competitors with competitive intelligence data derived from popular SEO software so that you gain a competitive edge over them: from identifying their backlinks to their traffic sources, their keywords, PPC strategies to understanding the demographics, interests, and much more. And in no time, you will acquire insights into their online strength, weaknesses, and opportunities to strategize your marketing plan.

Access to Content intelligence & creation assets: As Members, you get up to 10 requests a month. You can choose either from stock assets: with over 3+ million combined stocks (HD images, video clips/loops, audio) to jazz up your blog and website content making your content creation a breeze; Or, request for Topic research reports decoding a truck load of highly searched headlines, topics, and questions that you can create for your content marketing.  

Business Intelligence [BI] Tools: You need tools and a framework to strategize and systemize your business. As Members, you have access to our Business Ignite Hub Dashboard and various business tools to track your KPIs, create visual graphs and charts, log your progress and Achievements. Everything is cloud-based; you can access this tool at any time, anywhere.

IGNITE Business Support: Nothing works if you do not have a robust support system. You will always have access to our business support line to address your enquiries relating to our services. Our team is on standby if you require any support on any business topics, sessions, or software support that we’ve covered so far. Get support via Phone, Email or TEAMS, and we’ll help you fast-track your progress and cut through the research time. 

30% OFF MEMBERS DISCOUNT: To take your business to the Next Level, you need marketing services. From Google to Facebook Ads, to Email and Content marketing, to finally SEO services. Members get an instant 30% discount on our advertised price. Even better, all our services are Pre-paid, No Lock-Ins* contracts, nor long term expensive retainers.

Your investment


$ 689 Monthly
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Occassional Workshops
  • Quartely Mastermind Group
  • Peer Accountability
  • Access to Business Intelligence Tools
  • Access to Competitive Intelligence resources
  • Access to Content Creation Resources
  • Ignite Business Support

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