Strategies, Tools, & Execution Programs To Build & Grow Your Business

Let’s admit it, business can be very stressful and difficult sometimes, not to mention costly if it is not run efficiently.

Having to go through the stress of juggling cashflow, finding and attracting more customers, increasing more sales, paying rent & outgoings, making more profit, dealing with staff productivity and targets, and the never-ending cycle of recruitment, it’s frustration of seeing people leave immediately after training them; it’s not progressive.

Moreover, you have to keep up with your competitors, study their offers, products, and services, finding time to understand their strengths and weaknesses so you could differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and finding the time to re-engineer the successes of other businesses, it’s a Lot of Work.

And amidst all the firefighting in your business, you come home stamina-drained and still having to meet the demands of your spouse and kids.

As Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

And this applies to running a successful business as much as in life. We could go on, but you get the picture.

But there is good news!

There is hope and there are solutions to these challenges. There is a SCIENCE to running a successful business. There are best practices, Instructional Guides or Owner’s Manual in place on How to Run, Optimize, and Grow Your Business.

But before we dwell on the solutions, let us re-ignite your innate passion by looking at the benefits and advantages of having your own business.

Running a business has its MANY BENEFITS. After all, that was the reason you are IN business in the first place. You get…

But most importantly, being true to yourself, being your true self, experiencing your full potential, and not feeling suppressed in life, or getting emotionally drained due to office politics.  

Recognize this and pat yourself on the back for sticking this long.

All you need is just the Right Strategies, Tools, Advice, Knowledge, and Technologies for your business, and yourself.

Running a successful business requires a combination of knowing what strategies to use, what knowledge to apply, when to use it, what tools & technologies to use, and when to use it.

At Business Ignite, we provide the tools, software, and programs that you will need at each stage of the Success Mastery Roadmap to help optimize your business no matter what stages you are in your business journey.  

Whether your goal is to achieve:


Business Ignite has the programs that will fast track your success and shorten the gap of your learning. Check the right programs for you.

Each of these programs has its own kind of training, strategies, and implementation plan geared towards Accelerated Learning IN mind. If learnt, digested, and applied well, it will QUANTUM LEAP your progress and help you reach your Goals and Mission quicker and faster than searching, doing, and learning everything yourself.

Imagine this.

If you had a tutor during your academic years, do you think your grades would be much better?

If you had a competent Life Mentor in your early years guiding and coaching you along those challenging times, do you think you would have saved thousands of hours and dollars on fruitless pursuits and purchases?

If you had a relationship counsellor before cohabitating, do you think you could have avoided the pain and frustration in a relationship?

And the same goes with Business. To achieve your Next Level Growth, you need the right Business Advisor for expert strategic advice, guidance, and coaching because in order to operate an effective Business you require tactical knowledge and skills. Business success requires a set frameworks, equations, and best practices that you need to execute in synergy in order to achieve your goals.

With the right Business Advisor, preferably one with 12+ years of business experience combined with academic qualifications, and someone who have invested tens of thousands of hours in training, cultivating, and acquiring the latest business and marketing strategies, it can help you Fast-Track your goals.  

Business owners can achieve massive quantum leaps when they engage the right business advisor who can guide and help them shorten the gaps of achieving success.

If you are facing a stumbling block, or your business has hit a plateau, or you feel stuck doing everything yourself, then it may be time to IGNITE the full potential of your business.

Build. Grow. Succeed.

This is an On-Demand express course on how to Build, Grow, and Succeed in your business and achieve a 6X to 10X business growth. Imagine 15+ years’ worth of business and marketing strategies, knowledge, and experiences from Business Ignite and thousands of dollars on other’s leaders training programs condensed into a single program.

Who is it for?

This program is especially designed for entrepreneurs who wish to discover the latest business and marketing strategies to build, grow, and succeed in their business. This program is also arranged for businesses which have been in the market for 1 year to no more than 12 years and wants to cut through the costly learning curve of “trial and error” with the intent of learning at their own pace, anywhere, at any time.

Who is it for?

Condensing a myriad of business and marketing focal points into the following 4 Core Lessons:
  1. Strategize and Win.
    1. The elements of Strategic Planning that could 6-10X Your Life & Business
  2. Magnetize Marketing
    1. Your Easy-to-Follow internet marketing roadmap that pulls and convert more sales.
  3. Systemize and automate Strategies.
    1. The frameworks that Leaders used to build, grow, and succeed in their business.
  4. Wake Up Unstoppable
    1. Strategies to Ignite your powerhouse to create the mental stamina and physical fitness to rise above attrition.

IGNITE Inner-Circle

Discover how to Accelerate your Business to the Next Level

The Inner-Circle is a Mastermind program, comprised of a small group of high achieving business owners. As a member, you will get the latest marketing & business strategies to build and grow your business. There will be hotseat and accountability sessions to ensure that you and your business are progressing towards your goals.

In this program, you will discover strategies on how to Optimize & Implement the following areas in your business.

Strategies and Implementation

Life & Business Goals

Sales funnel & conversion

KPIs and Accountability

Customers Experience Journey

Internet Marketing

Vision, Mission, Clarity

Systems & Workflow

Exit & Succession Strategies

Talent & Productivity

Operation & automation


Advisory & Review


Peak Performance Leadership

Peak Performance Leadership


  • Access to 5 world class Cloud-based Business systemization software, tools, and resources to help your business achieve better business results, FASTER!
  • Workbooks packed with exercises, fill-in templates, and summary points
  • Business Support via MS TEAMS
  • Access to various project management tools
  • Access to exclusive Business Ignite Facebook community group
  • And much more…

1-on-1 Strategic Advisory

The Deep Dive program is designed for those who want to tackle their top 3-5 areas in their business and willing to take massive action to resolve it faster through one-on-one sessions with Victor Kon.

From business insights to strategic planning, to sound advice, strategies, and expert knowledge on how to build, grow, optimize, and succeed in your business. This program is for serious action takers only.

Most successful businesses have regular access to advisors who guide, mentor, coach, and act as the business intelligence and resource channel to fill potential knowledge gaps.

The benefits of this program are as follows:

  • Gain better business insights on your business
  • Get unbiased practical perspective on challenging issues
  • Get customized strategies for your specific needs
  • Be your Thought-partner on projects before you expend time and resources
  • Be your Business Intelligence (BI) Thought-partner

By joining this program, you’ll get…

  • Everything in Build, Grow, Succeed Program
  • Everything in Ignite InnerCircle Program


  • Deep-Dive assessment into your business
  • 1st 4 x weekly advisory & coaching session
  • Up to 1 x Call-In Advisory and consultation with our Business Strategist
  • Full suite of Business Ignite cloud-based Business management Software + Support.
  • And much more…


Victor Kon is Business Ignite’s Business Strategist. As a serial entrepreneur, Victor has been building, growing, and selling businesses for the past 12 years, achieving 6-9X ROI. He is a member of an international network that comprises of business consultants in UK, US, Asia-Pacific, and New Zealand. He is a Certified Business Advisor from the Institute of Business Advisors, and a professional Member of the Australian Marketing Institute.  

Condensing hours of business, marketing, and peak performance training, and applying it into his 12+ years of business experience, Victor helps businesses unlock their full potential to achieve massive success! 

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