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Grow Your Business


This is a 2 Days’ business training program for business owners and entrepreneurs operating a service-base business. It is an express training program designed to help build, optimize, and grow your business and take it to the next level.

You might be running a very functional business model at the present, but at every so often, you need to review, revise, tweak, upgrade, and re-assess your business itself and yourself, and perform a skill inventory check so that you can stay competitive with your ever-changing industry.

The core focus of this program is business growth, however, to achieve this state, you need to re-engineer your skills to build your business on solid ground and tune it for high performance. And then followed with implementing optimization principles to systemize your business so that it can run efficiently thus relying less on you. And after completing this milestone, it is then ready for growth through harnessing the latest internet marketing strategies implemented by digital marketing agencies.

NB: If you are a student and have just finished a business or entrepreneurship program at a University, this 2-days business training workshop could be your next step bring your concepts into fruition.


The program curriculum are as follows:

Day 1 - Build My Business

Day 2 - Optimize & Grow My Business


6 months of access to 5 x business optimization tools – cloud-based, access anytime, anywhere.

This software has been used by over 65,000 business owners around the Globe: UK, US, Asia Pacific, NZ and AUS.

Outcome/ Results

The Intended learning outcomes for this 2 Days Training program – Grow My Business, are as follows:

Life & Business Strategies:

Business Strategies

Why Attend

If your business is chaotic and there is in-balance in your personal life, you are not ready to scale.

If you scale without resolving the existing mess, you will end up scaling your problems as well, and magnifying the cause.

More sales do not equate to more net profit. It is crucial that you learn business optimization strategies and execute a systemization program in your business if you seek business growth.

If you have a thirsty payroll remuneration structure, you need to review, resolve, and remedy it asap, and this program will teach you exactly how to systemize your business processes so that you can outsource your back-office tasks to global talents to cut your payroll costs by up to 60%, leaving only talented individuals to serve your clients and develop your business.

Enroll in the masterclass if you need more information

We also have plenty of diagnostic tools to help quantify your present situation so that you know what areas to work on

Ignite your full business potential and strategically build, grow, and sell your business.

What is your #1 concern right now in terms of your business? Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you the best business training to take to achieve your goals and multiply ROI.

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