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The InnerCircle Mastermind program is for entrepreneurs and business owners like you who are action takers. It is a monthly Business & Marketing training and coaching program designed to help you stay on track to achieve your goals and keep up with your competitive market. More importantly, it is geared toward helping you optimize, market, and grow your business. 

The program consists of blended learning methods for strategic content and mastermind group activities designed to help you implement your high-level business goals and marketing growth strategies into your business. 

Every month, you will get monthly training on one of the following core topics: 

  • Strategies on how to market, grow, and take your business to the next level. 
  • Business optimization and systemization to run your business more efficiently. 
  • Digital marketing #101 to apply to your business to generate leads. 
  • Mindset strategies on health, wealth, & peak performance 

There will also be mastermind activities included, such as: 

  • Group coaching calls 
  • Business hot seat 
  • Accountability sessions 
  • Optimization and systemization workgroups through our business software application 

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What You Get

Getting to the next level is every business owner’s dream. Having access to the inner workings of a successful business model can provide insight, retool your thinking, and shift the way you move. Our program focuses on the mindset and strategies needed to Market, Grow, and Thrive. For 12 months, you will be in a think tank with other individuals receiving strategies and caching on the fundamentals of setting, implementing, and achieving business and personal success goals. 

Every month, each “InnerCircle Mastermind” member has access to: 

  • LIVE training with Victor Kon. As the foundation of your journey, these sessions enhance learning with the tools and strategies to optimize, market, and grow your business. Q&A is taken to the next level with real-time opportunities and solutions that teach you how to engage, market, and convert. 
  • Mentoring matters. Members have monthly strategic coaching calls where you and your peers do the work to get your business where it needs to be. This is your time to present, get feedback, and implement what you have learned as you grow. 
  • Accountability sessions: slack is not an option, and you will be held accountable by your team. 
  • Mastermind sessionsYou will be in the “hot seat” on a rolling basis to get constructive feedback about your business & marketing strategies, alternatively,demonstrate the tactics and strategies you have implemented. You get to hear what your peers think, what they are doing, how you can pivot, and refocus on what you should be doing in a structured team setting, take action, and maximize your time.

    Ongoing Support 

    • Nothing works if you don’t have a strong support system. The InnerCircle Mastermind is designed to provide the support you need on every level. From asking questions to identifying resources, you will always have a lifeline to assist. 

    Software and Tools 

    • In addition to all the training, accountability, action-based exercises, and support, members also receive access to the Awardwinning Business software that has been used by well over 60,000 business owners globally. There is a suite of suite of tools that systemize and optimize your business. 


    1. 2 x competitors SEO report  a month via request: the report will expose your competitors online marketing strategies: keywords, backlinks, audit, google advertising, and much more, etc., so you can emulate their strategies and quantum leap your success. 
    1. 20% membership discount on our digital marketing services. No Lock-In contract. Members only. 


The InnerCircle Mastermind program is for action-takers. 

As a business owner, you should understand that nothing moves unless you make it move. Nothing gets done until you act, and there is no program in the world that could magically deliver your desired outcomes without some action, execution, and implementation on your part. 

We are confident that you will benefit from the mental, intellectual, and strategic concepts we teach members to save you time and resources, mitigate risks, and create cash flow for your business—if you implement these strategies. However, to create the results you seek, you need application, patience, and practice.  

 Therefore, the Intended Results are as follows:  

  • Growth in turnover due to the incorporation of digital marketing strategies into your business 
  • Reduced payroll costs by learning and applying effective outsourcing strategies. 
  • Development of a high-performance business model in line with the ongoing optimization of your business processes 
  • Clarity in your life’s direction from shifted mindsets about your health, marriage or other relationships, and wealth 
  • Peak performance strategies 
  • More time to build, optimize, and grow your business, rather than working in your business. 
  • Attainment of your core business goals thanks to the accountability sessions. 
  • Overall growth in your business and life through access to a wealth of strategic resources 

We assure you, if you put in the work, you will see changes in yourself and your business within a few short weeks. 

Business growth is like building muscle. It needs the right strategies plus habitual cultivation. 


Price subject to change

We offer 3 types of Agreements. 

  • Cancel Anytime Agreement
  • 6 Month Agreement
  • 12 Month Agreement   

Ignite your full business potential and strategically build, grow, and sell your business.

What is your #1 concern right now in terms of your business? Tell us what you need and we’ll tell you the best business training to take to achieve your goals and multiply ROI.

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