1-on-1 Strategic Business Advisory

To grow your business

For Business Owners who require one-on-one customized solutions and tailored strategies to their business and marketing challenges, you need the Strategy & Advisory Program.


This is where Victor helps you, 1-on-1, to solve problems, fix business challenges, and help you take your business to the Next Level.

Mentor by Certified Business Advisor and Certified Practising Marketer Victor Kon, the 1-on-1 Advisory Program provides a full line of done-with-you and done-for-you services. 

As a business owner, you are a Leader and an expert in your field. And as a leader, you need various skillsets and competencies to make your business profitable and achieve your goals of being in business. 

And every business owner will reach a plateau from time to time. And to break through those barriers and attain your success, you need an outside consultant/ advisor/coach to bridge the gap because it is difficult to do it alone. And in our Strategy and Advisory program, we can help you on one or many of the following core areas…

Business Growth & Leadership Strategies:

Get Marketing Strategies For Your Business:

What You Get In The Program

Deep Dive Business Assessment

This is where we assess your current business and marketing processes, discover the roadblocks that are stopping you from getting to that next level, and tell you precisely what strategies and tactics you need to take to remove those roadblocks so you can leap to the next phase. By the end of the sessions, you will have tonnes of clarity and confidence to progress forward in your business with certainty.

1-On-1 Strategic Advisory

This is a one-on-one tailored business advisory service to resolve your unique business and marketing challenges. Victor will apply strategic creative thinking to help you unknot your business headaches at hand. With his 13+ years of business experience and his network of over 125+ business consultants worldwide, there is not a problem that he hasn’t come across.

Business Ignite advisory

Business & Marketing Consultancy

Inclusive in the service, if you have a specific business or marketing project that you would like to implement to help increase revenue and improve your profit margin, Victor and his team will help you execute it. In the consultancy industry, the strategy and advice are stand-alone charges, and implementation costs (tools and labour) are additional services, but as a client, you pay only the implementation cost. 

Business Coaching

If you are tired of business coaches who haven’t run businesses before, you won’t be disappointed with Victor. To help you succeed, he will combine his 13+ years of business experience with his knowledge and insights (consists of nearly half a million dollars spent on personal development courses) to push you and your business to reach peak performances. 

And Much More...

From strategy sessions to entrepreneurial leadership, to personal direction, clarity, and peak performance, enquire today to get the full scope of inclusions and its deliverables. NB: With one-on-one program, Victor could only work with limited clients at any given time. And time is valuable, therefore he could only work with A-players and businesses with existing momentum. So, apply now to see if we are the right fit. 

It costs nothing to get answers to your specific business matters based on our expertise and experience. Click on the above button to book a free strategy call. Once booked, we will perform a Needs Assessment and recommend some direction and specific steps that you could take to resolve your business (and life) objectives.

As this is not a contractual client relationship, the consultation provided is in the nature of general comment only. If we decide to work together, the indicative pricing is shown below.

Indicative investment

Your monthly instalments for the program will depend on your needs and requirements. Rather than have you jump through a series of hoops to get to the pricing sections (like my fellow industry experts), we value your time; below are indicative fee packages for your reference. 


Your Business
From $4K-10K Monthly
  • Everthing in Strategic Planning [Plan]
  • Everything in Business Growth [Plan]
  • 6-12 Additional Advisory Consultancy
  • Call Anytime Support
  • Facebook/Google Ads Done-For-You.
  • Ads Management
  • 6-12 Month Term


From $2,500 Monthly
  • 1-on-1 Advisory, Consultancy, or coaching.
  • Access to full suite of Business Intelligence Tools
  • Access to Marketing Intelligence resources
  • Access to Content Creation Resources
  • 3-6 Month Term
  • IC Membership 30% OFF


$5,899* Once-Off
  • Strategy & Advice
  • Business Assessment/ Plan
  • Company Strategy
  • 4 weekly sessions.
  • Work-With-You Program
  • Business Planning Tool (cloud-base) access for 3 months
  • IC Membership 30% OFF
The industries we serve

Here are some industries and sectors that we could help to scale your business, as follows:

  • Accommodation & Tourism services 
  • Professional (B2C) & Business (B2B) services
  • Building & Construction services
  • Medical, allied, and other Health Professional services 
  • Education, Coaching, and Training services
  • Most service-based businesses

If your industry is not listed above, or unclear which industry you fit in, talk to us to see if we can help.

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